Valencia – Markets and the Beach

As you can imagine if you have read the previous days blog, we did not awake feeling at our best, far from it. Maeve had an interview in the morning and so Robyn, Ruairidh and I headed out to get some well needed carbs and liquid. We stumbled across La Rollerie and I opted for the breakfast burrito with a million drinks to rehydrate. It was nice, nothing to write home about but also not bad either. Feeling marginally better R took us on a mini tour of Valencia, starting with the Mercado Central. It was a very grand building surrounding by a bunch of stalls selling what had to be second hand pants (just why??). Unfortunately, because we arrived a bit later in the day most of the main fish stalls had closed up but we managed to purchase some more juice to help really shake off the hangovers. We wandered around with R for the rest of the morning and headed for yet another hydration stop at Mercado de Colon, this time opting for coffee and juice at Blossom. The market is a lot more modern and full of pretty cafes than the traditional Mercado Central and it was nice to sit outside (albeit under-cover) in November. If only they had seats in the sun.32869054_1779371642084222_7935273768115503104_n32804408_1779353418752711_1697232373705342976_n33035972_1779353825419337_1985958260233994240_n32930929_1779354902085896_6535486781809229824_n32807539_1779354875419232_5399888727143088128_n32931251_1779355022085884_1249388789357346816_n33042187_1779371738750879_1820116069558255616_n32815082_1779354622085924_8521464884792131584_n


It was soon time to head back to catch up with Maeve and so we headed back to Russafa to a small café where we braved our first cava of the day. It was a struggle but sometimes, cava is a lifesaver. After all the food and liquids I was starting to feel slightly more human. We swapped R for Maeve and headed on the very modern metro down to the beach area. The beach was quiet, it was November after all, but we still managed a gorgeous walk along the sand to dip our feet in the freezing Mediterranean. Given it was quite late in the afternoon we headed to check off the next Valencian specialty – a horchata. This is a creamy Mexican drink with almonds as a base and served with fartons, a sort of sweet bread to dip in the drink. It is a very typical Valencian snack but definitely not to my taste. Potentially Jijonenca, a small beach restaurant wasn’t the best place to try it. We still hadn’t had lunch and it was getting late into the afternoon, so we headed to the only beachfront restaurant that would agree to serve us food at this crazy eating time (I believe it was called Restaurant Gabbeach, but this is from some extensive post-googling) to get some cava sangria and lunch. As always, our eyes were much bigger than our bellies and we ordered; some freshly grilled prawns, a stack of sweet crispy aubergine fritters drizzled with sweet honey and a cheese board of 4 local cheeses with honey and walnuts. Given the general look of the place and the fact it was the only place selling food at that time I think we lucked out because the food was fantastic!  Feeling full and merry we managed to check out some really excellent sand sculptures just as the sun was setting behind the clouds for our final day in Valencia.32926264_1779354795419240_6370136163025420288_n32780843_1779354735419246_1434720197297569792_n32767432_1779354568752596_447686590408425472_n33021440_1779355098752543_6225834126692319232_n32802579_1779354922085894_8301751756841287680_n32807520_1779372465417473_1297711835771830272_n32831346_1779364465418273_3552479424613974016_n32762356_1779373822084004_4047797696256278528_n32972101_1779373785417341_1957579968200310784_n32834008_1779373755417344_1646722634886414336_n


We headed back to town to meet R before, you guessed it, having a few vinos. However, the antics of the previous evening were a thing of the past with Robyn and myself having to be up at 4 for our 6.30 flight back to Edinburgh. These things always seem like a good idea at the time until the reality of the godawful wake-up sets in. Maeve and R had booked their favourite restaurant for dinner – El Rodamon and so we headed there for our final evening as the Vino Trio + Ruairidh in Valencia. It was a modern place with some fab wine! We indulged in; some tuna sashimi with hummus and tzatziki, a fresh salad of tomatoes, feta and cucumber, chicken teriyaki skewers with black rice, a lovely prawn curry with cashew nuts and rice, a bacon and black bean burrito and stewed chicken and yucca topped with a poached egg. We even had room for some fantastic brownies with salted caramel sauce for desert. After a fabulous final meal – which I would highly recommend, we headed back to the flat to pack and head of to bed early, but definitely not sober. Will we ever learn…..32842157_1779374598750593_1484916223115264000_n32889705_1779374672083919_7708115696609132544_n32897994_1779364628751590_5321194296236310528_n32939018_1779371675417552_8669464325326372864_n32943702_1779364528751600_6907879722185654272_n33021970_1779371772084209_8306279154882445312_n33023442_1779373478750705_5844542705568317440_n32785055_1779373595417360_1966227481123880960_n

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