Watamu – Edinburgh (Goodbye Kenya)

It was lovely for our final morning to have the ability to sleep in until whenever we wanted. Despite this I was up bright and early at 8 before heading for a lovely breakfast of omelette and pancakes with a sweet chamomile tea. With no pressing diving plans we headed down to the hotel’s private beach where we were the only soles in sight other than a couple of fishermen and the lounger man. We sat with the hot sun beating down on us reading interspersed with short dips in the warm Indian Ocean. There were so many crabs wandering around and the cliff formations were beautiful and created a really nice secluded bay. 2 of the animators passed with a group of new arrivals and we took our leave heading back for lunch and then to the pool for a final relaxing afternoon.17968088_1394994543855269_1191056487_o18009897_1394994287188628_1686137872_n18013074_1394994357188621_813777155_o18009202_1394994453855278_974694362_n17976077_1394994657188591_1084115670_o

It was with a heavy heart that I dragged myself off the lounger and headed back to our room to pack and check-out. Saying goodbye to Temple Point was sad, the staff had been fantastic and the resort itself was beautiful. There was definitely a part of me that could have stayed. Peter had organised us a driver to drop us off at Malindi Airport and so we took the short 30 minute journey up to the tiny airport passing groups of children and the usual domestic livestock hanging around at the side of the road. Malindi International Airport was tiny. It was openair with an archway that led into a mini courtyard with a total of 4 gates and 2 shops. We had a quick browse while we waited for our SAX flight to Nairobi. We arrived almost an hour beforehand which was much too early but had some chilled reading time before boarding the short 1 hour flight.17968198_1394994773855246_772887727_o17976562_1394994847188572_116016193_o17976078_1394994887188568_378406693_o17976448_1394994927188564_1938371747_o17976693_1394994963855227_1230931110_o

Leonard had arranged a driver – Edward to pick us up at the airport but due to the Hotels wifi being down and preventing them from receiving my cancellation mail they had also sent a driver. It was an awkward moment when we had to send the hotel driver back but Edward was offering the service a lot cheaper and taking us for dinner too. Given our negative Carnivore experience we had picked the Talisman based on Tripadvisor reviews, always a more assured way to guarantee good quality. It was a 30 minute drive from the airport on the quiet Sunday evening roads but when we arrived we could immediately see the popularity – the car-park was almost completely full. We entered and were shown to our table within a few minutes, despite arriving earlier than planned. My mum wasn’t feeling great and I was getting tired so we went for just a main. I had the prawn and calamari Thai stir-fry, which was more like a curry, with a strawberry lemonade and I have to say it was absolutely delicious! My mum’s mushroom risotto was also great – definitely worth checking out if you are looking for somewhere in Nairobi and pretty good value for money. Feeling very full (neither of us finished our meal) Edward dropped us off at the Saab Royale where once we explained the whole double booking for the airport transfers we checked-in and went straight to sleep. I was not ready to leave the next day.17976538_1394995037188553_1494849568_o18009130_1394994987188558_303195345_n18009245_1394994997188557_497607630_n17950062_1394995070521883_1407715796_o

It was a very early wake-up (4a.m) in order to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure. We were flying back with Kenya Airways and after checking-in and going through security we enjoyed a final breakfast of mango smoothies, green tea and muffins. As with everything in Africa, the flights were running to African time and so we took off almost an hour late for no apparent reason whatsoever. It was a quick 8 and a half hours to Amsterdam where I managed to watch 3 films – Casablanca (Classic I have been wanting to see for ages), J Edgar (biopic with Leonardo Dicaprio which I have seen before and forgot about, it is forgettable) and Invictus (a phenomenal film that I would recommend highly). The food and service were not in line with the high KLM standards but it was nice to be flying during the day and not at night. We arrived into Amsterdam behind schedule and by the time we had taxied our gate was open and boarding and we had 30 minutes until take-off. I sprinted off only to be stopped not only by a security check but also by a ticket check-in to get to the gate area. We sneaked into the clubclass passenger line and made it just in time as the gate was closing. Phew! It was a quick hour back to Edinburgh where unfortunately our bags had not made the quick turnaround and we had a poor egg wrap. Hopefully at some point my delayed flight record will be rectified – 10 out of 11 delays is not a great statistic.17974812_1394995120521878_1218940127_n18012621_1394995097188547_743849621_o18012618_1394995157188541_824664730_o17976237_1394995180521872_1074642680_o

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