Diving in Watamu – Part 2

Another day of beach life and a slightly later start today so I had the luxury of sleeping in until 6.30a.m! I grabbed a quick breakfast of sweet potato and French toast with honey before heading out to meet Steve – the other half of Aqua Ventures and a lovely German couple Edith and Peter. We headed along to the dive centre and kitted up before our very detailed dive brief from Steve. It was a much busier day today with 8 divers in total and a lot of new people who seemed to have all the gear and no idea. It amazes me the amount of novice divers who rush out and spend thousands of pounds on dive gear without any diving experience – how do they even know what to buy? I made my way to the boat in the sunshine (much nicer start to the day today) and we took the short boat ride to our dive site.17902190_1389167607771296_1629207981_o

We arrived at Anthias Reef and I jumped in with Edith, Peter and Dominic our divemaster. The conditions were nice today with a slight current and no surge. We headed down and were at once entranced in the magical underwater world. We swam along spotting more crocodile fish, porcupine puffers, scorpion fish, leaf fish and nudibranchs but the highlight had to be the enormous titan trigger fish. Usually these fish are quite aggressive being very territorial but this one seemed pretty chilled and let Peter get a lot closer than I would have dared brave guy. The Germans were out of air after 35 minutes so they headed up a line and Dominic continued the dive before surfacing ourselves after 55 minutes. Unfortunately, those on the boat had gotten very seasick waiting on us and we headed back to shore to drop them all off except 2!DCIM142GOPROGOPR1001.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1002.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1006.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1009.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1010.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1012.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1013.

It was another quick turnaround at the beach where we were treated to the standard fresh coconut, tea and biscuits. We had a chat with Steve who was taking us back out and he decided to take us to the Canyon (you guessed it, an underwater canyon) for our second and my final dive. It was a lovely chilled dive with some really cool swim throughs and some nice fish. We saw some huge Jacks, big eyes, snappers, lionfish, angelfish, parrotfish and goatfish with another friendly octopus peeking out to say hi.  Given one of the divers had only 12 dives I was impressed by how nice and long the dive was – a reasonable 55 minutes! It was a lovely final dive to finish off an epic wildlife spotting holiday, from the savannah to the seas. We headed back to shore and got a lift back to Temple Point from Steve.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1018.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1022.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1023.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1024.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1026.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1027.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1028.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1035.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1038.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1041.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1042.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1044.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1056.DCIM142GOPROGOPR1057.

After another buffet lunch we headed for an afternoon of chilling by the pool, reading and swimming. It was lush! The animators came over to try and get us to play archery and given the lack of guests I was persuaded to give it a try. It was surprisingly difficult although I managed to get to the blue ring outside of the bullseye so not too terrible. I was playing with the Indian family and we enjoyed watching the local monkeys jumping around the trees while we played – it truly is paradise. As the sun began to set I headed down to the resort jetty to check out the views of the mangrove trees and the Mida Creek – somewhere we unfortunately didn’t get the time to explore. It was beautiful and I could have sat there all night watching the sun gradually disappear into the horizon. I headed back to the room to get ready for dinner before enjoying our final evening meal at the beach. The time had gone by in a flash and already it was almost time to leave but thankfully we had a final day of relaxation tomorrow before an early evening flight to Nairobi and our onward journey home. Why does it have to end???17857513_1389167724437951_1992609625_n17902791_1389167797771277_1780973833_o17857903_1389167684437955_916834100_n17858757_1389167837771273_274919652_o17910804_1389167971104593_1917635379_n17916435_1389167911104599_47831506_o17902768_1389167991104591_1644098853_o17909126_1389168027771254_2114773091_n

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