Tsavo East – Watamu

We awoke early as usual for the final day of our safari. I was very sad to leave the safari life behind but it does get tiring and so was ready for some rnr at the beach. Unfortunately, I was not feeling the best and so skipped out on breakfast to prevent any nasty incidents in the middle of a national park with no toilet facilities and no ability to leave the vehicle. We set out slightly behind schedule at 07.30 since I was feeling a bit crappy and drove the 5 minutes to the Tsavo East gate. We drove around for 4 hours in the hot morning sun feeling the warm wind on our faces and feeling completely carefree. We were not particularly lucky with animal sightings – just some zebra next to the borehole waterhole, a large group of both male and female ostrich, impala and giraffe. All of the sightings were close up which was nice as it gives you the chance to witness some interesting behaviours, such as the male ostriches fluffing their feathers up to seem more attractive to the females and the way elephants use both their large feet and strong trunks to tear mouthfuls of elephant grass, most of which they don’t digest and so comes out as it has went in. It was disappointing not to have seen any cats or the rarer species such as cheetahs, servals or bat eared foxes but it just gives us an excuse to come back. We had seen a lot over the 4 days and had some really lucky sightings with the wild dogs and leopard so we left satisfied knowing we will definitely return on another safari.IMG_8691IMG_8694IMG_8696IMG_8702IMG_8703IMG_8705IMG_8706IMG_8707IMG_8710IMG_8711IMG_8712IMG_8714IMG_8715IMG_8716IMG_8718

There had been a bit of a mix up with lunch – we had not taken a packed lunch at the second hotel and so we were a lunch down. I managed to get through to Peter who suggested we pay for it and Leonard would reimburse us once he had transferred the money which he did by the time we were dropped off at our next hotel. We stopped at the Wild Living Café which was just at the side of the main Watamu road that cuts off from the Mombasa road and enjoyed a leisurely 2 hour lunch (people are very slow by the beach). The café was lovely and I had a samosa, chips and an amazing fresh mango juice. It was delicious! There was a lovely breeze and it was great to have some chat with Leonard about growing up in Kenya and the cost of living etc. He was one of the highlights of our trip and a truly excellent guide. I will definitely be using him again if I return to East Africa.17797991_1386248688063188_765992867_o

It was only around an hour to Watamu where we would be spending the next 3 days and we arrived to cool towels and an iced drink. The resort is slightly out of the main town of Watamu but it was beautiful and had so many activities and things to do available on sight. We checked in and said a sad farewell to Leonard. The rooms are in cottages that either overlook the extensive gardens or the creek. We had a creek view room with comfortable chairs to sit out in. We had a few hours of washing the dust of the safari off before heading for dinner. It was the usual 4 course buffet affair that is available in all the accommodation we had stayed in with the added bonus of having soft drinks included too. We relaxed and settled into the hotel ready for the next 3 days of beach living.17858843_1386252178062839_161099075_o17838659_1386252184729505_444231912_o

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