Diving – Cozumel

My final day of diving had arrived, where on earth was the time going?? For my final day I was heading over to Cozumel before coming back for another bull shark dive. As usual, I ate and headed down to the dive centre where disappointedly they still hadn’t located the gopro camera for me. Despite the frustration, I was still getting to dive in some really cool places and the people I was diving with agreed to let me use their pictures (although writing this a week later I still haven’t received anything from them). I was the only person from the dive centre going to Cozumel that day but a few of the dive centres offer an express dive boat service where the boat picks people from a variety of centres along the coast and takes them over for 2 morning dives. I met my new dive guide on the boat who was a bit of a joker and we headed off to pick up the other divers. The great thing about the Cozumel Express is that they group you based on experience and so I ended up diving with 2 German guys who also have a lot of dives rather than the flapping newbies which was great.cozumel-9DCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRO

After a 45 minute boat ride we arrived at our first site of the day – Paso del Cedrel. We were right on the end so were able to gear up and jump in first. My first impressions were that this was really similar to the diving in Playa in terms of the sandy landscape with small outcrops of coral here and there. We soon bumped into our first absolutely enormous turtle munching away on some sea grass which was nice and luckily because we had went first we weren’t surrounded by a load of people, just the three of us. I also saw my first ever yellow stingray, and it was just a baby lying in the sand. There was loads of lobster and some nice fish but no large schools. The sandy outcrop gave way to a very deep wall and we floated along that checking out the creatures as we floated by on a slight current. All in all a pretty nice dive although due to a weighting issue one of the guys ran out of air sooner than we would have liked and so we headed back to the surface after 45 minutescovajara-48cozumel-1cozumel-2cozumel-3cozumel-6

Our second site was at Yucab and we lucked out here with more turtles, an enormous eagle ray and a nurse shark hiding under a rock but unfortunately no seahorses. The most interesting thing here was the rock formation swim throughs where if you were lucky you could find things lurking out of the way. It adds a bit of interest to a dive when you have this too, making it slightly more challenging than just bobbing along. The most disappointing part was that they ended the dives at 50mins regardless of air consumption, so all of our group had a lot of air left and still had to surface for timings. Given it was sold as an express service I understand the constraints but it is still frustrating. We disassembled our kit and the sun came out for the hour ride back to the playa and we even got pastries and apples as snacks. Back in Playa I boat hopped from the Cozumel boat into the bull shark one straight away. For chat on the bull sharks see the previous blog, but fortunately, the dive centre had managed to get me a camera for this one and so I had the best time enthralled with the gentle giants and taking some fab pictures! After having a few days to enjoy non-camera diving and diving with one I have to say I definitely prefer having my camera. It gives you something to focus on which is great and lets you take away great memories.covajara-19cozumel-5cozumel-7cozumel-8cozumel-10cozumel-12DCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRO

After my final dive of the trip I was of course sad to be leaving this life behind but so pleased with all that I had seen and done. I made my way back to the dive centre for one final time to wash the gear before Anita recommended a restaurant which I later found out to be El Fogon again! This is clearly the best place to eat in town and was in a different busier location than the first one I had visited. I asked the waiter to just bring me the best thing they had so ended up with; a bean soup served with tortillas, a grilled steak with lots of grilled veg, melted local cheese, a potato and guacamole. What a feast! I was massively stuffed by the end and managed 2 local lemon drinks (a sort of flat natural lemonade). I was glad that I had come to a further location for the longer walk back to walk off some of my dinner before an early night, I had to wake-up early the next day!15966993_1299339120087479_1327755565_o16009775_1299339076754150_1692112817_oDCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRO

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