Colorado – Breckenridge

I woke to a beautiful sunny day and a foot that I could walk on! Hot tubs are magical. We had a quick breakfast in the condo then headed to Breckenridge, another ski resort about a 25 minute drive from Keystone. The resort is a lot bigger with more runs and a larger town for those non-skiers (like me L). The drive was absolutely stunning with the sun shining off the white snowy mountains all around. An unfortunate point for a more popular resort was that we had to pay $12 for parking where we met Carolyn’s dad who had come up from Colorado Springs for a day of skiing. The skiers headed off on the gondola and I headed into town to explore for the day. It was disappointing that I couldn’t ski but given how bad my foot had been the day before I took the decision to skip it to allow my foot some healing time.img_7903img_7904img_7908img_7911img_791415817755_1287380967949961_209602361_o15776570_1287377137950344_1228011866_o

It’s a 2 minute walk from the gondola to Main St and so I walked up to check it out. It was still 8.30a.m so a lot of places were closed so I took the tough decision to check out a breakfast place called Columbine Café which I was sure Brooks had recommended (apparently she hadn’t but it was so good I am glad I made this mistake!). Given I was by myself I just sat at the bar and had an amazing chai latte (so much sugar) and on the advice of the server ordered the house chilli pork hash which had been smoked over pecans and was absolutely delicious. This came with hash browns, an over hard egg (fried so the yolk isn’t runny) and almost an entire loaf of toasted rye bread. The hash was delicious and after managing to eat everything apart from the bread I was pretty impressed with myself. I chilled out there blogging until my laptop ran out of battery and then headed out to find an internet café, another server recommendation.15784825_1287381697949888_2090564679_o15820797_1287377694616955_88635516_o

The Crown was situated further up Main St and so I headed up here for my next stop. It was a super cool café with plugs everywhere and I ordered an iced green peppermint tea while I sat back and wrote, read and generally chilled out. It was great to get some down time, it is supposed to be a holiday after all. After chilling out for a few hours I got a message from Carolyn to say they were headed down early and so decided I better get a move on to get to see some of the town. First stop was the post office to pick up some stamps for my postcards. I then wandered along Main St checking out the interesting shops including a wildlife carving one and a lot of t-shirts. I finally made it to the Barney Ford House Museum – a walk through museum of the house of the famous man himself. Barney Ford was a black escaped slave who opened a restaurant in Denver and became very prosperous, really boosting the economy of Colorado. He was probably even more famous however for being a pioneer of black rights and was instrumental in black people having the right to vote, to own property and have an education. It was an interesting place and there was even a short film to watch. A nice place to visit if you have some time to kill in Breckenridge but nothing to go out of the way for.15778389_1288268937861164_1204060415_o15784654_1288269057861152_290796536_o15817585_1288269121194479_1681944777_o15824234_1288269104527814_2091505268_o15824112_1288269081194483_866009495_o

By this point it was almost time to meet Carolyn and Brooks back at the gondola. I headed back along the rest of Main St and almost visited the Edwin Carter museum but it was set quite far back from the road in thick snow and I only had trainers on so decided against having wet feet for the rest of the day. Instead I made my way to sit in the sun and take in the unreal vistas of the snow-topped rocky mountains. Brooks was down first having skied right down and Carolyn and her dad soon joined us. They had had an amazing day skiing which I was only a tad jealous of and after a quick catch up and saying goodbye to Carolyn’s dad we headed into Breckenridge to the Breckenridge Brewery. I had been recommended to visit this place but given it only sold beer which Carolyn and I both didn’t like we decided to check out another more well-rounded bar and settled on Apres. This was a cool spot with board games to play and a lot of local beers (including fruit ones) as well as spirits and wine. I chose the Epic Lil’ Brainless Raspberries which was nice and light and while not overly fruity definitely drinkable. After a nice chilled beer we headed back out to seek out food and most importantly – more alcohol!15778413_1288269151194476_446822144_o15785592_1288269231194468_1386036943_o15820656_1288269251194466_1490867906_o15785042_1288269177861140_1964534049_o15823951_1288269211194470_1365605174_o15778489_1288269301194461_1513224789_o15823748_1288269357861122_22400942_o

On an online review stating they sold cider we voted for Ollie’s Pub which was a sort of large bar with a side section with a restaurant. There was a wait for tables so we took a seat at the bar and ended up just ordering a Chardonnay and then food there. The sign outside stated ‘the best wings and burgers in Breck’ so really there was only one choice – spicy buffalo wings which I shared with Brooks as an appetiser which might be the tastiest wings I have eaten with a jalapeno burger with avocado and swiss cheese. It was delightful (other than the average wine) and the place had a massive buzz to it filled with skiers and snowboarders wanting to hang out and drink after a day on the slopes. However, given the disappointing alcohol and the fact we all were about to slip into a food coma we decided to head down the street a little to the Motherloaded Tavern. This is again a restaurant in the front with a bar at the back so we headed straight there. It was busy with a live music singer who was very sweet and fairly ok. The bar had an abundance of specialty vodkas which they brew on site so I tried the very tasty strawberry and agave one with soda and lime which was really nice. Brooks tried the blackberry which was significantly less nice. We sat and sung along with almost everyone else to the singer before heading back to the car to head home to Keystone. Brooks fell asleep in the car on the way back and was literally dead to the world – we were screaming and everything and there was no response. Given everyone’s sleepy state we decided to forego margaritas and watched some of the Jungle Book with wine before falling fast asleep. I blame the altitude.15785520_1288269421194449_1014051778_o15785650_1288269407861117_689978233_o15785083_1288269527861105_1174057559_o15817774_1288269587861099_371264357_o15785604_1288269664527758_384298337_o15748012_1288269604527764_72803222_o15824653_1288269631194428_505699173_o15820699_1288269707861087_1117208949_o

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