Colorado – Keystone

We woke early to snow and a lot of wind – not exactly pristine conditions but we were here and so grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to pick up my ski rentals. Christy Sports ended up being sold out so we went for Mountain View Sports instead who were great and just slightly more than Christy. We drove back to the condo, and geared up before heading to the slopes. I bought a day pass and we then joined the queue for the gondola. The queue was pretty long and just as we got to the front they had to close the gondola due to high winds so we headed up to the chairlift and after another long queue finally made it up the mountain. Despite the wind and snow the views were pretty awesome on the long ride up. Given I hadn’t skied in almost a year I started out with a nice green run called Schoolmarm which at 3.5 miles long was a great start. It had quite a few rest areas with benches too so perfect for a beginner skiing in an uneconomical way and using lots of muscle pressure. Luckily there was another lift called the Montezuma Express which took us back to the top and allowed me to try out Silverspoon, Jaybird and Ina’s Way which took us to the bottom for lunch.15785743_1287369531284438_1233189932_o15778487_1287369894617735_702179194_o15778364_1287377541283637_994499234_o

Since the condo was a 2 minute walk we dumped our skis and poles at the stand section and headed off for a lunch of ham, cheese and fruit courtesy of Carolyn’s parents. It was great and we warmed up with some green tea before checking out some of the stores in the tiny mountain town of Keystone. After a quick break it was back to the mountain to catch the last of the runs before the sun set. I opted to upgrade to a blue run called the Spring Dipper but given how tired I was from the morning and the fact I hadn’t been skiing in so long this was perhaps a mistake. About half way down my foot had completely seized up and turning was really painful. Carolyn caught me up and when I realised how far I still had to go I wanted to cry. Luckily though, she spotted a sign for the gondola mid-station which thankfully was up and running again. I have never been so happy in my entire life to see a gondola and sped off as fast as my dodgy foot would let me.15817893_1287379044616820_497127527_o15820613_1287370287951029_1306891166_o15785376_1287378597950198_990183419_o15785658_1287377944616930_1451522720_o15817893_1287378311283560_130717105_o

I met Carolyn at the bottom of the mountain and we headed back to the condo where I realised I had lost the ability to walk on my right foot. Eek! It was a tough decision but given the pain I decided it would be best to sit out the skiing the next day in the hope my foot would heal enough to not ruin any of the other plans we had for the trip. I took my skis back and managed to get a refund for the unused day which was great. We then headed a 15 minute drive to Dillon to get a Noodles and Co. take-out for dinner. Just as we were pulling up Carolyn’s friend Brooke’s called to say she had arrived back at the condo. We quickly ordered our food and headed back to have a lovely chilled girls night. I went for the thai chicken soup which was ok and then the spicy beef Korean noodles which were really great! It was a lovely evening catching up and getting to know Brookes and we opened 3 bottles of wine – 2 of which were 35 years old and definitely past their best. It is a very sad day when you have to pour a bottle of Burgundy away but we managed the second one which had a sort of port taste and then Carolyn opened a Pinot Noir from Oregon. We did a late night trip to the hot-tub with some peppermint schnapps before getting an early night. My fingers were crossed that the hot-tub was going to fix my foot!15776617_1287379471283444_575789859_o


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