Edinburgh – Colorado Springs

I woke up remembering I had 2 things I had missed from my suitcase so after finding those and adding them in I was good to go – impressed with my 26 minute turnaround. My mum even made me some green tea for the 15 minute drive to the airport. I had been suffering lately from a massive bout of bad luck, not like serious things but a serious of annoying little things going wrong and I had a feeling today was going to be no exception. After checking my bag to Gatwick and getting rubbish seats on both my flights (my own fault for checking in late) I headed up to departures. BA were on the ball and we boarded and taxied with time to spare, making it into Gatwick 10 minutes early with a hot cooked breakfast during the 50 minute flight! Unfortunately, Gatwick ground staff had no parking spot for us and we hung around for a while on the tarmac before finally disembarking. I watched all of the bags being unloaded so at least I knew mine was there. After heading off in buses to the terminal I watched the bags come off the belt – every single one except mine! Luckily a handler brought out a ski bag so I managed to enquire where mine was informing him I had watched it physically be taken off the plane. I then went to baggage enquiries which was unstaffed and called a call centre who assured me they would locate it. 15 minutes later and still nothing. This would have been absolutely fine had I not had a connection in Heathrow – an hour away on a bus. I called again and again he assured me it would be with me soon. Just as I was considering giving up and leaving the bag an older gentleman emerged with it in tow – phew!15784991_1287367384617986_84716889_o15820913_1287367354617989_429808869_o

I legged it out to the National Express counter where a bus ticket to Heathrow costed me £31.20!! Then sat back for the most stressful ride of my life as I watched the clock slowly tick by. After getting to Heathrow terminal 5 I then had an anxious wait of 20 minutes before we headed to terminal 3 where I was able to check my luggage with minutes to spare and leg it up to my gate. Phew! BA took a while to board us so I took a 15 minute break of not panicking which was excellent before boarding. I had a terrible seat right in the middle of the plane surrounded by people so after our traditional turkey dinner with 2 G&T’s and a white wine I nodded off to catch up on a few days worth of sleep. I managed to fit in 2 films – Café Society which was excellent and then Florence Foster Jenkins which was just ok before they brought us a lovely afternoon tea before landing. The 10 hours flew past!15778613_1287368811284510_335744990_o15776606_1287367591284632_467067392_o

After clearing security I headed out to meet Carolyn for the reunion of the century, 11 months is just too long! We headed back out to Colorado Springs to the downtown area which was beautifully lit with Christmas lights before making our way to The Melting Pot – a fondue restaurant and a bit of a Colorado Springs institution. We met up with Carolyn’s college friend Ashleigh and ordered some red wine which the lovely waitress let us sample before ordering. We opted for this Dreaming Tree Crush Californian wine with no grape variety specified on the bottle but it was pretty great regardless. The restaurant serves fondue and in order to sample it all we opted for the 4 course banquet. This consisted of a cheese fondue with vegetables and bread for a first course – we chose the courgette cheese which was really yummy. We then had a salad course, I opted for Caesar before the main event. This was a bubbling broth, we picked the Jamaican flavouring with a variety of meats and seafood to cook in. It was delicious with standout favourites being the creole prawns, teriyaki steak and ginger chicken. By this point I was really struggling but we still had the chocolate and caramel fondue to finish with a variety of cakes, fruit and marshmallows. Delicious! By this point my body was exhausted – it was 5a.m in the UK and confused, why on earth are you ingesting this much food at this time! So we made our way back to Carolyn’s beautiful house to sleep. A very long and stressful day topped off with a brilliant meal with some fantastic company.img_7791img_7792img_7796img_7797img_7798img_7799

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