Hong Kong – The Peak, Ladies Market and Lung King Heen

As suspected, I awoke to the most spectacular views of Hong Kong harbour and the disaster that was yesterday seemed a distant memory. I was in my favourite city in the world and ready to explore. This was my third time in Hong Kong but since my dad and Gillian had never visited before I decided to spend our first and only full day ticking off some of the tourist essentials. Our first stop however, was a dim sum breakfast at Sai Yung Lee where we gorged on pork buns, custard buns, prawn cheong fun, shui mai, carrot cake and a whole bunch of shrimp dumplings. As usual I ordered far too much and it definitely wasn’t the best dim sum I have ever eaten but it was a lovely start to our day and feeling very full we made our way into Central and to the Peak Tram station.14203032_1168860549802004_480702756_o14151744_1168860569802002_1933453059_o14152019_1168860559802003_1820965544_o14163904_1168860576468668_21227757_o14191306_1168860583135334_1135460159_o

The queue was long but it went in quickly and once you were inside the building they had created a sort of mini museum of the history of the peak tram, us lazy British seem to have installed trams on the hills of all of our old colonies, showing you the different ones used over the years. It made the wait a lot more interesting and in no time at all we were speeding up the hillside with some great views through the trees of the Hong Kong skyline. When you reach the top you walk through a sort of tourist market before making your way straight to the viewing deck. We purchased a combined ticket which I would definitely recommend that includes the return journey, entrance to the observatory at the top and an audio guide that points out the different buildings and explains exactly what you can see. Although I had visited the peak before, I had hiked up and never paid the extra fee for the viewing deck so it was a new experience for me and the views of the skyline were absolutely amazing. Hong Kong has such a small land area that all of the buildings make the most of the space by building up and so you just see skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see. If you walk round to the back however, this is completely contrast against the view out to the surrounding islands where the highest building is 3 storeys high. It may feel like a huge metropolis but it is actually really easy to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. After a good hour taking in the spectacular views and doing all the selfies, we headed back down to the city and took the MTR to  Kowloon and to Yau Ma Tai for an afternoon of shopping.IMG_0624IMG_062514139104_1168860669801992_1613847113_o14152146_1168860836468642_702652337_oIMG_0636IMG_0641IMG_0642IMG_0643IMG_0645IMG_065314152151_1168861203135272_1073094383_oIMG_0655IMG_0664IMG_0665IMG_0673IMG_0682

Just next to Yau Ma Tai station is another must see for visitors to Hong Kong, especially those interested in shopping. The Ladies Market is famous for selling anything a lady could possibly want, including a lot of fake or (more than likely stolen) designer goods. Be prepared to bargain though to around 30-40% of the original asking price and the perfect tactic is just to walk away if they are not reducing, in reality the next 5 stalls will probably have the exact same thing and may be more willing to negotiate. Another tip is that if you are looking for a particular bag/purse etc. just ask. A lot of the rarer pieces are stowed out of sight, for example the good quality Rolex watches, but as soon as you express an interest a whole selection of options suddenly appear. We had a field day wandering the never-ending street haggling and people watching. For those less interested in designer/tourist items, the next street over specialises in technology and if you walk in the opposite direction you have a street of sports goods. Nearby the goldfish and flower markets are also worth checking out. After a busy afternoon of shopping we stopped for my favourite, passionfruit green tea, before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.IMG_0690IMG_069114151993_1168861449801914_1593648184_o14164074_1168861499801909_385167630_o14164185_1168861393135253_1477405076_o

Tonight, we were dining at my first ever 3 michelin star restaurant and I was beyond excited! Lung King Heen is the only Cantonese style restaurant with 3 stars so it clearly is the place to try the local cuisine at the higher end of the scale. For those more interested in dim sum it also does a fantastic dim sum lunch. We decided to walk and wandered along the waterfront with beautiful skyline views of the illuminated buildings before realising our walk might be more difficult than expected. People arriving at the Four Seasons clearly usually do so by car. We were shown to our table with the most amazing views of the Kowloon section of the harbour and opted for the Canton tasting menu with matching wines. To begin, of course we decided on the recommended pink champagne which was really lovely and the perfect start to a fantastic meal. The suckling pig and the beef were stand out highlights for me but every course (maybe apart from the abalone which was not really to my taste) everything was sublime and the wines matched perfectly. I was less of a fan of the sake but the desert wine more than made up for it and the jasmine tea was a lovely touch. My only negative would be I felt so full at the end to the slightly ill stage, a course or 2 less would have been perfect. The service was also spectacular and the fact they brought me a personalised menu was a lovely touch. I can’t say I would rush back to this restaurant again, for me given the price tag I think it’s more of a once in a lifetime meals but I would definitely recommend it to anyone in Hong Kong looking for a high end traditional Cantonese dining option. We took a taxi back to the hotel and nodded off into a blissful nights sleep.14191485_1168861546468571_613872796_o14139349_1168861653135227_15337499_o14151679_1168861569801902_1037086749_o14152116_1168861873135205_1030718022_o14152209_1168861739801885_446215636_o14191346_1168861839801875_1695873478_o14203025_1168861889801870_401443484_o14202956_1168861979801861_1720977436_o14203597_1168861999801859_1912262139_o14203079_1168862006468525_1507491173_o14164185_1168862033135189_1126113703_o14164127_1168862069801852_28458169_o14139349_1168862186468507_257980668_o14164168_1168862239801835_2001671088_o14152192_1168862216468504_1805984273_o14152077_1168862263135166_1712405834_o14163923_1168862293135163_1775139786_o14152226_1168862269801832_445372186_o14203004_1168862159801843_333129957_o14203052_1168862093135183_654986313_o14163768_1168861579801901_1555734867_o

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