Edinburgh – Singapore via Istanbul

For the first time potentially ever I was flying out of Edinburgh mid-afternoon meaning I could enjoy a leisurely morning of sleeping in and getting a pedicure. What a difference to the usual 5a.m early taxi ride. It also meant we arrived at the airport with loads of time to spare so checked in to both of our Turkish Airline flights before hitting the champagne bar Flutes and Tails. We experimented with the 2 entry level champagnes and I can report the 40p more expensive option tastes pounds better. We grabbed some sushi and had some more drinks in the more expensive Fringe Bar (why would anyone drink here when the wine is more expensive than the champagne bar???) before boarding our flight. It was at this point we realised our luck in getting a 3 seat row to ourselves – winning! Thoughts on the flight, definitely not the standard of food or drinks as the Middle Eastern airlines but great service, booze and a great entertainment package, I enjoyed both Demolition (moody and slow paced but with Jake Gyllenhaal) and Sing Street (really brilliant). The 3 hours and 40 minutes absolutely flew in!


Istanbul Ataturk airport is well bare! That said, after sitting enjoying some ice tea and beers in the Eat and Go restaurant and taking a nap on one of the comfy lines of chairs with no armrests – best thing ever, my dad went wandering and discovered the main area with the shops and restaurants which we had completely missed. At least we know where it is for the return journey. I took full advantage of my fantastic sleeping ability and got a full 9 hours on the next flight before having the worst breakfast of my life – literally inedible and listening to some music for the final part of the journey into Singapore. We were also gifted some branded merchandise from the biggest super hero flop of the year – Batman v Superman. Might come in useful for future travel.14002465_1153960651291994_2045776380_o13987705_1153960771291982_2114125304_o13987044_1153960814625311_1403393614_o14012788_1153960887958637_233526437_o

As soon as we arrived everything just became smoother. There was a short wait in immigration before the friendly security guy agreed to stamp my passport on an already busy page (must keep free pages for visas). We got our bags and took the skytrain to terminal 3 before catching the MRT to Bayfront. This stop had direct access up to Marina Bay Sands our luxury hotel for the next two days. Having previously visited Singapore I decided if I ever came back I wanted to stay here and so I stood true to my word and handed over the mega dollars for this one. Our room was on the 25th floor of tower 3 with fantastic views over to Gardens by the Bay, it really was worth the price tag.IMG_686513987895_1153961557958570_983636814_o

We quickly changed and showered before making our way down to the food court next to the ice rink. Thanks to a fantastic recommendation from Halle we went for the Korean offering and chose Bibimbab a mince and veg dish with rice and a fried egg and Spicy Kimchi Soup with Pork which also came with rice. The soup was spicy and full of tofu, veg and meat and the mince dish was lovely and light with picked vegetables and a side of spicy bean paste and kimchi. Feeling full we had a fresh lemon ice tea and beer to quench our thirst. The Marina Bay Sands Food Court has some fantastic options and was a great place close by for our first Asian meal of the holiday. We took a slow wander back through the mall checking out the Louis Vuitton store on its own island. We went outside to get in and got some fantastic views of the skyline and hotel. We finished off the evening at Rise bar with some local Tiger beer and wine having great chat with our waiter Jacob. What a fantastic start Singapore!13977844_1153961164625276_2062672870_o14012946_1153961111291948_2060108916_o13978041_1153961221291937_550564887_oIMG_6868IMG_6870IMG_6877IMG_6879IMG_688013989528_1153961337958592_838508166_n13950713_1153961367958589_267917436_o13977897_1153961397958586_1358235671_o14012582_1153961464625246_567533919_o

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