Copenhagen – Roundtower, Church of Our Lady and Food!

We started our final day in this food focused city doing the most important thing – eating. After a lovely lie in we ambled along to Paludan’s Café, where I had been tipped served the best brunch in the city from one of our fellow diners at Relae. However, unlike Relae, Paludan’s is smack bang in the centre of the University campus and is a haunt for students looking for good quality food. We found ourselves a quiet table surrounded by bookshelves and opted for the Paludan’s Brunch which for the reasonable price of 99kr (about a tenner) you get; greek yoghurt with fruit honey and muesli, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, melon wrapped in parma ham, pancakes with syrup and jam, smoked salmon with lemon, 3 pieces of fruit, 2 types of cheese, bread and a choice of a smoothie or orange juice. I opted for the strawberry smoothie and my mum the orange juice and it was fantastic. Given the price and quantity of food I was really impressed and would definitely recommend it to those visiting the city – particularly so for those on a budget. It made a nice change from our usual pastries and despite the vast quantity it felt like a healthier option.


On our last day we had decided to not make a plan and enjoy simply wandering around the city. My mum was keen to pick up some gifts and so we wandered from our location nipping in and out of stores and picking up classics such as Hans Christian Anderson’s collection of fairy tales. We reached the Round Tower and after some time walking decided to pay the small price of £3. The tower is quite an easy walk with 2 stops prior to the top where you can have a rest. The first of these was an art gallery where they had an exhibition of Danish Missionaries and the countries they had been sent to over the years. It was really interesting, particularly because I had been to a lot of the places and could recognise landmarks from China and Tanzania. It was a bit of a surprise as we hadn’t expected a gallery but a lovely one at that. They had a small shop on this level that served good coffee too which we enjoyed. The next floor had a sort of glass floor and window to allow you to see inside the centre of the tower. This was interesting but after a quick peak you had seen everything. We made our way up right to the top for some fantastic views across the city. Given the small entrance cost and the surprise exhibition the Round Tower would definitely be one of my top see’s in the city. It has great accessibility too with a gently sloping incline making the walk to the top not too strenuous.


We continued our exploration by chancing across the Church of Our Lady which is the official cathedral of Copenhagen. The building was extremely modern and grand, not what one might expect from a traditional old European cathedral. It is situated right next to the University and looked funnily enough a little like an old Chimney from a certain angle. Inside is striking in white, with a statue of Jesus with welcoming arms surrounded by his apostles at each side. We even had the opportunity to head upstairs and take in the grandness from the side balcony where there was a small exhibition on about the history of the church.


After a day of aimless wandering we headed to our final stop, the Copenhagen Street Food Market. When you have exhausted all options of things to do in a city I would discern that day drinking (specifically of wine or gin) is a fantastic thing to do. I took the opportunity to sample 2 of Denmark’s finest gins, mikkeller and geranium from a great little bar La Drueta. As we had arrived around 3p.m this was a perfect time to grab a seat and watch the world go by. Both gins were great with mikkeller being preferred over geranium which was a little floral for my taste. Just before we headed out I decided to try one more stall – Bulko, for Korean street food. I opted for the chicken curry which proved to be absolutely delicious with the perfect amount of spice. The fried chicken was heavy though and a very filling option which worked well for me after a long day of walking around. My mum tried out some great sweet potato chips from one of the nearby vendors and we sat next to a very warm fire to enjoy before making our way back to the apartment.


As we wandered back over the bridge and through Nyhavn we took the opportunity to enjoy an ice-cream sitting down at the harbour from a tiny shop called Hansens. It was potentially overpriced but sitting in the sun eating the ice-creams while seagull dodging was one of the highlights on my entire weekend. Nyhavn is beautiful and while I would avoid the expensive restaurants selling mediocre food the ice-cream was perfect. The 30 minute walk back to our apartment went by all too quickly and we were soon awaiting the train to the airport. The train was hugely busy and there was a lot of confusion about the quickest and easiest train to get. We ended up changing at Central Station which I don’t think saved us any time but added some excitement all the same. We were really early for our flight which wasn’t due to take off until 10p.m. and so we wiled away the time and Joe and the Juice – one of my favourite sandwich bars in the world. Copenhagen, you were cool and had some of the best food of any city I have ever visited. Hopefully see you soon.



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