Edinburgh – Atlanta (en-route to New Orleans)

It really doesn’t feel so long since I touched down home from my last trip and again the rigmarole of luggage packing is taking place. Living between 2 homes makes this process even more difficult than usual and despite throwing everything I thought I might need into a huge bag (at 11.30 while distinctly tipsy) I still managed to leave some stuff at my dad’s house, woops! So off I went to the airport, with almost everything I needed at the respectful time of 9.00, what a luxury! I managed to pick up some sandals at the airport and my foundation before grabbing a green tea and waiting on my flight to Paris. I always assume for some reason this is about a 1 hour flight but due to sitting on the runway for a bit it was closer to 2 hours. Thankfully the wonders of choosing AirFrance paid off and I had a lovely chorizo and tomato sandwich to tide me over.


The sun was shining in Paris to welcome me and after the taking the buses from the small Hop! Terminal I reached the boarding gate for my flight to Atlanta with just enough time for a quick internet check. This was the long one – 9 hours 38 minutes and since we were stuck on the tarmac (again) for 20 minutes it was pretty much a 10 hour flight. This I was not looking forward to – especially when I realised I was sandwiched in between 2 people in the centre of the cabin (least favourite seat). However, it turned out to be fine and I met 2 really cool young people – Tim to my right who is a pro skier on was on his way back to the US from a competition in Andorra and a lovely Welsh girl who was teaching in Italy and previously Ukraine. We had some pretty good chats – including the highlight which had to be realising there was a huge poodle sitting in the row in front of us to the right. Dogs on plans – who knew. It had its own seat and everything which was pretty awesome. I also managed to make my way through 3 films and a documentary – Burnt (Bradley Cooper is beautiful as ever), He Named Me Malala (not as emotional as I was expecting), Max (about a war dog and so VERY emotional) and Ed Sheeran live at Wembley. All in all it was not a bad flight at all and on touchdown in Atlanta I grabbed my bag and took a shuttle back to the domestic terminal before taking another free shuttle to Courtyard by Marriot (North) for the evening. It was great to shower and fall into a very comfy bed after all the travelling (it was around 3.30a.m back home). Not a bad first day with some good movies and great chat, there are worse things than flying….


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