Disneyland Paris – Where Magic Lives

After our hectic schedule yesterday it is safe to say the 8a.m. wake-up was not the most enjoyable. The thought of a day at Disney kept me going though and once ready we had a lovely French style breakfast of croissants, coffee and orange juice at Café Republique which was right next to our hotel and the metro station. It was eerily quiet with it being a Sunday morning and so we were able to enjoy our pastries in relative peace before taking the metro a few stops in order to catch the RER which would take us to Marne la Vallee – the Disney train station. We had a slight blip after exiting the metro and realising the only way to get tickets for the RER was back inside the metro section we had just exited! Thankfully a friendly Parisian let us back through and in no time at all, we had boarded the double decker train which took about 45 minutes to reach the park.


The Disneyland resort is located on the outskirts of the city and consists of lots of themed restaurants and shops as well as the 2 main parks. We had purchased a 2 park 1 day hopper pass and decided after consulting the parade and show timetable to start off in the Disney Studios Park since most of the parades and shows we wanted to see were in the Disneyland Park later in the afternoon and evening. Having visited before I had a good idea of the park layout and was keen to check-out the new sections which had been added since my last visit. The one ride I was most excited about was Crush’s Coaster which thankfully lived up to all expectations despite the 80 minute wait time and no fast pass availability. It was brilliant!


One of my favourite things about Disney is the themed restaurants and I was very excited about eating lunch in the Bistro Chez Remy Restaurant located in the French section as again this was a new addition. I had made a reservation for 12.30 and so as soon as we got off Crush’s Coaster we hurried over to the Bistro. As you enter your waitress explains from here on in everyone will be small like Remy and in true Disney wonder every element of the restaurant was giant to make the diners feel rat sized. It was brilliantly done. The food was fantastic, we opted for the 30 Euro Remy Menu which consisted of a very tasty salad with lots of cheese in true rat tradition followed by the steak frites with Remy’s secret steak sauce. It was sublime and even the Saint Emillion  red I had with it was really good, surprising as I usually don’t like many Bordeaux style reds. After our fantastic lunch we finished off the Studios Park by going on the Ratatouille ride which was an experience ride where you sit in mouse cars and follow Remy round the kitchen in 4D – it was brilliant. IMG_5313IMG_531612178317_985804968107564_412195000_n12179325_985804861440908_1713305978_n12179625_985804921440902_695792323_n12179801_985804878107573_2040996811_n12178153_985804978107563_512485473_n12181927_985804934774234_892660424_nIMG_5317IMG_5318

I had seen the rest of the park and so we decided to head over to the Disneyland Park at this point to catch the Halloween Parade. I have never been to a Disney park at this time of year and so it was great to see all of the yellow and orange flowers and decorations and the parade was fun. Unfortunately, one of our favourite rides ‘It’s a Small World’ was closed for construction and so we did some shopping before heading through Fantasyland to Adventureland and to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Indiana Jones rides (this had upside down turns and wasn’t very fun) and Big Thunder Railroad. Unfortunately, we ended up missing the evening parade while stuck in the Indiana Jones queue and so headed for a Mexican dinner of Chicken Fajitas with Mexican style rice at Fuente del Oro. It was just a fast food place so nothing special but we were still really full from our Bistro lunch and were looking for somewhere to chill out for a while as well as eat.


After dinner we still had quite a lot of time until the Disney Dreams Fireworks Performance and so we wandered some more of the themed shops and enjoyed chilling out for a while with coffees writing postcards in the Main Street USA area. I had never been here before but there is a section behind the main shop fronts with a corridor and lots of benches and a Statue of Liberty arrival gallery. It is always nice to find somewhere new and we took the opportunity to rest before the main event. The fireworks at Disney are for me always the highlight and even though I have seen the Disney Dreams performance before it was still completely magical. They use image projection onto the castle in combination with fireworks and music which is quite different to the fireworks performances most of the other parks do. What an end to a fantastic day.


We headed back to the metro which is right next to the park exit and luckily managed to get there in time for a seat. The train waited about 30 minutes which was quite frustrating so late at night. My eyes were closing through the journey back to reality and after arriving back in the hotel just before midnight I fell straight asleep, what a day.

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